Kochery & Partners have been built on longstanding relationships based on trust, dependability and dedication to achieving the client’s goals.

Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable and have a passion for the law. Our staff is diverse and caters to the individual needs of our clients and co-counsel. Together, we give our clients a better understanding of how to achieve their goals. Because our interests are directly aligned with those of our clients, we bring a special devotion to the legal matters we undertake.

The Law Offices: Kochery & Partners comprise of multi specialty lawyers from varied legal backgrounds (civil, criminal, corporate, employment, banking and insurance laws) including Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries with dual qualification of law. The Firm is associated with international law firms for its global legal practice. The Firm has for its objective to provide a spectrum of legal services to the local and international clients, covering all areas of the legal profession. The Firm prides itself in being able to serve a wide spectrum of clients ranging from multinational corporations to local individuals.


Our team of skilled and experienced Intellectual Property attorney works closely with clients to provide practical advice, assess their legal needs and offer appropriate solutions. We advice, assist and represent a wide range of clients in their international business activities and operations regarding procurement, litigation and enforcement of intellectual property rights of all kinds.

The Firm has attorneys who come from different backgrounds and have considerable experience in advising our local and international clients on their most challenging transactions and assignments in India and abroad. This area of the practice includes drafting and negotiating of commercial agreements and contracts and advising our clients in relation to:

» Mergers & Acquisitions
» Setting up of Business Organization & Company Registration

» Joint venture & Technology
» Agency & Franchise
» Infrastructure
» Licensing
» Supply and Distribution
» Sale and Purchase
» Financing and Security
» Employment and Management
» Engineering, Construction and Procurement
» Taxation
» Trademark Registration
» Corporate Training
» Property Management

The Firm assists its corporate and individual clients (local & international) in all types of labour disputes and in complying with local labour law and regulations. The Firm also represents clients before the Labour authorities and the courts in matters of labour disputes.

The Firm advises clients regarding the establishment of personnel policies in compliance with local laws and drafts employment contracts for all levels of staff and gives legal opinions for handling labour disputes.

The Firm's criminal practice (local & international) includes the representation of clients in criminal investigations and proceedings. The Firm's experience in this area encompasses all phases of the criminal judicial process from preliminary investigation through to trial and appeal proceedings. Our lawyers handle a wide range of business crimes, defense cases and provide counseling on issues involving violation of local laws, rules and regulations.


Qatar Labour Law - Current Trends

This program is designed for Senior Managers, HR Managers, Administration Managers, Diplomats, Legal Professionals, Recruitment professionals, Consultants and Students in Qatar who want to understand the requirements of the Qatar labour law and its implications to their job function. It is designed for those who want to update themselves on the regulatory issues in Qatar with reference to labour and employment law.

Legal Environment in Qatar

The judiciary is independent, in both its religious and civil branches, exercising the authority vested in it by the country's constitution. The civil courts are required to apply Qatari Laws in enforcing agreements between parties. The Muslim religious laws (the Shariah) are used mainly to regulate family matters.

Our team of skilled and experienced Property attorneys provide a comprehensive range of Property Consulting Services dedicated to the benefit of developers, land owners, investors etc.

Here is the list of services that we offer:

» Lease Management
» Maintenance and Service
» Rent Collection and Banking
» Specialised Documentation
» Tenant Management
» Asset Inventory
» Property Insurance
» Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have extensive experience and are able to represent clients in all stages of arbitration or litigation and in virtually every field of legal practice. The Firm is regularly engaged in arbitration and litigation proceedings representing corporate entities and other parties. The Firm has represented clients in a variety of cases involving construction contracts, contractual payment claims, banking matters, commercial agency, partnership disputes, Labour cases and other investment matters.

Once the Firm accepts a case, we are totally committed to the client's cause. Our attorneys develop strategy, evaluate facts and formulate legal positions. Once a judgment is issued in our client's favor, we pursue the enforcement of judgment. For arbitration services, the Firm is associated with M/s Markanda Advocates with offices in Chandigarh and Delhi (India). Markanda Advocates started operations in 1985 and has since then specialized exclusively in the field of arbitration and contracts. It has handled prestigious arbitration and contractual matters throughout India and abroad.




    BE, FIE, LL.D


  • C.N. BABY

    BSc. LL.B



    BA (Hons.), LL.B

    BSc. LL.B

    B.Tech. LL.B



  • Certification of Cheques

  • Gratuity Rights & Article 61

  • Claim Limitations in Fire Insurance

  • Preventive detention

  • Loose Tools & Taxation

  • Risk of Force Majeure

  • Company under Liquidation

  • Sole Ownership under Foreign Investment Law

  • Insulting in front of others

  • Restrictive covenants

  • Settlement of Claims - Liquidation


  • Insight Qatar Academy

  • Death Sentence cut to life

  • End of Service Benefits - Qatar Labour Laws

  • Insurance Initiative

  • Abhilash Released from captivity

  • Legal Seminar - Kerala Distress Relief

  • Release of Fishermen from Iran

  • Hope Qatar


Our Attorneys has represented various individual and corporate clients from different countries in various sectors.

We have assisted at least 100 international companies in business activities in India, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Africa etc..


We actively seek out excellent Advocates whose standards match our own. Attorneys with additional qualifications of Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretaryship and/or Business Management are preferred.

We value lawyers from different backgrounds, and our attitude to diversity extends to the opportunities and challenges we can offer you.

If you are interested in a career with us, please email us at careers@kochery.in. Please be assured that we will treat all information you send us in the strictest confidence.


Committed to deliver the most competent legal solutions to serve its client’s needs & expectations worldwide we ask our clients for feed back regularly to get an honest opinion on our performance and our overall relationship.

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