Sole Ownership under Foreign Investment Law

We understand that a new foreign investment law is in discussion. However it is noticed that few companies own 100% ownership currently. Can a construction company be established with 100% total foreign ownership without including a Qatari national as partner for a project currently? We are a foreign company mainly into scaffolding business and we have been awarded a tender in Qatar. For the execution of project, is it possible to establish our company with the same shareholders as in our main company? Please advise.


GS, Doha


Under Article 3 of the Foreign Investment Law - Law No.13 of 2000, a foreign company can open a temporary branch office in Qatar if the company is awarded a specific contract involving a project that contributes to public service or interest. In this situation, the Minister of Economy and Commerce can license the foreign company to conduct business in Qatar for the specific purpose of completing the contract. The license to operate the temporary branch office will expire once the contract is completed. A foreign company can open a representative office by filing an application at the Ministry of Economy & Commerce.



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